Sam Eliot, Sean Fleming, and Will Comstock

November 17, 2018 @ 9:00 pm

Sam Eliot/Duke Chevalier is a musical project from California that drapes idiosyncratic songwriting with a cosmopolitan musical aesthetic. Drawing on diverse influences as Afro-Caribbean and West African folk music, spaghetti western scores, contemporary hip-hop, chartreuse music, American folk songs, and garage rock, Duke Chevalier paints a landscape where both ancient spiritual and futurist post-everything worldviews dance together in an anxious harmony. Sean Fleming’s latest release, Glow Worms has drawn comparisons to acts such as Fleet Foxes, The War On Drugs & Lord Huron. Fleming is known for his sweet falsetto, sometimes raspy tenor vocals and the raw sincere energy he delivers on stage. Fleming captures a new Californian take on Cosmic American Folk Music. Will Comstock is an indie/Americana songwriter.