Chili Sauce (feat. members of Ideateam)Be Brave Bold Robot (Album Release), and Bellygunner

January 20, 2017 @ 9:00 pm
$10 includes album

I like my bold robots like I like my coffee… immediately in my face and preferably preceded by a hug. I like my bellygunners like I like my scones… toasted, lightly buttered,  and covered in Devonshire cream. I like my chili sauce like I like my horn players… on the side and mild cause I’m a spice wuss and a little goes a long way especially with saxophones. I joke. Seriously, we are so proud to have Be Brave Bold Robot releasing their album at the Goose, each and every robot is a sweet boo boo that I want to cuddle. Bellygunner is incredibly accurate with beautiful soaring melodies and pretty rhythms. Chili Sauce closes the show and it will be a ridiculous dance party.