Alyssa Mattson and Steven Denmark

July 13, 2018 @ 9:00 am

Alyssa Mattson is a Sammie award winning singer-songwriter from Sacramento California. Best known for her musical stylings with folk band, Awkward Lemon, Alyssa is more recently exploring the stage as a solo artist, and brings a classic and intimate vibe with her original music. Alyssa is releasing her first full length album as a solo artist this Spring 2018 titled “Morph”, which puts an ambient modern spin on folk music.

Steven grew up in the foothills of rural Northern California. For as long as he can remember, music was in the forefront of Steven’s life. Since he was 13 years old, Steven has been playing in bands, helping other artist create their music and touring the US and Australia. Six years ago, Steven made the decision to focus on writing the songs he’s always wanted to. After many failed recording attempts, multiple songs thrown out or reworked, he finally had the songs he felt represented him as an artist. In march of 2017, Steven ventured out to Nashville TN to record his first full length record which was released on November 24th 2017.

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